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A row of newly built detached houses around Perth, Australia


Newly built detached houses around Sydney, Australia Coming Soon!


Newly built houses around Melbourne, Australia Coming Soon!


Newly built detached houses around Brisbane, Australia Coming Soon!

Our Experience

Bringing creativity into action.

We bring creativity into your lives in many forms, in painting, puzzles, dancing or writing, whatever way you welcome creativity into your life, you will notice many benefits with 7 Stars Disability Care. Book a service now!

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Why Choose us

Why Choose 7 Stars Disability Care?

7 Star Disability Care embraces your choices in every aspect of your life. Our Aged Home Care Packages planning and service delivery so you can live your life, your way.

We always deliver

We strive to deliver the right services to meet your specific needs and support requirements, helping make your life easier.

Provide professional services

We provide a professional coordination service, helping you engage other specialist suppliers as you need.

A progressive and responsible organization

7 Stars DC is a dynamic organisation that seeks to continually improve based on feedback from our clients.

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