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Our Services

7 Star Disability Ltd. creates adequate services to meet your needs, delivered by supported workers you feel comfortable with. You can be assured we have your needs covered.

Our Client Services Coordinators are ready to assist you to put in place the supports you need to live your life in a more comfortable way that suits you.

Our unique range of flexible, responsive and high-quality services are designed to achieve positive outcomes, independence, personal wellbeing and community involvement for the people we support.

Services we offer

Assist-Life Stage
We intervene in decision making for infants, young children, teens and adult stages of life.
Assist Travel
If you have a disability you can get help using public transport, like trains, trams, buses and taxis.
Household Tasks
Experienced care to conduct domestic chores efficiently and Independent Living promoting services.
We provide accommodation, and respite care depending on the participant's needs or their families or care givers.
Assist Access
We provide access to assistive devices for people with disabilities.
Assist Personal Activity
Our staff can assist with cooking, personal hygiene, moving around and more.
Community Nursing Care
All benefit from the community nursing care can be accessed with 7 Star Disability Care
Daily Task/Shared Living
We have highly trained staff with the right skills to meet the needs of individuals with complex care needs
Community Participation
We make you experience comfort with community participations.
Development Life Skill
We provide a hands-on activity that represents the day-to-day experiences of people with disabilities.
Group/Centre Activity
We assist you to go on regular group activities.
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Frequently Ask Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get a service from 7 Star Disability Care by filling out an enquiry form on our website, or by filling out an application form either physically or digitally and sending it to us by post or email.

We can help various people with disability on different issues. Currently we are able to present some of the services to a part of Australia, while others are available to people with disability across Australia.

Do you have a complaint about our services or our work? We would be happy to hear from you. Your feedback will help us to make our services better.

You can make your complaint via our email or through our contact us form.

You can find us or contact us via our email, on WhatsApp or through our contact us form on our website.

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